Which metals are used to make varakh?

The varakh is made of the intestines of animals. Such as oxen and specially Rabbit's.
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What metals are used to make flutes?

Most are made of brass, plated with nickel silver. Better  instruments may be plated with sterling sliver and some really fine  instruments (costing thousands of dollars) ha (MORE)

Which metals are used to make cutlery?

Steel, Stainless steel, Electroplated nickle silver, Melchior, Stellite, Talonite-Cobalt based alloys, Titanium based alloys etc.
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What metal is used to make cars?

The most common material is steel. It is reasonably cheap and easy to press into shape for body parts. The next best is aluminium. It is lighter, but harder to bend into tigh (MORE)

What metals are used to make the penny?

The current U.S. cent is copper plated zinc. Go back a bit and it was different. Here's the breakdown:   1793 to 1857 - copper   1857 to 1864 - 88% copper, 12% nickel (t (MORE)