What temperature is chosen as standard when comparing the solubility of different substances?

At STP(Standard Temperature and pressure), the temperature is zero degrees Celsius(273 Kelvin) and the pressure is 1 atmosphere. At RTP(Room temperature and pressure), the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius(298 Kelvin) and the pressure is 1 atmosphere.
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Compare the solubilities of the lead compounds with those of the alkaline earth metals How are the solubilities similar and different?

1) NaOH : solubilities between alkaline earth metals and lead are similar as we can see alkaline earth metals show cloudy and solid and lead show cloudy as well. 2) NaCl: so (MORE)
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What are 5 substances that are soluble?

soluble substances are those which are soluble in water.some soluble substances are salt,sugar,lime,ice,copper sulphate etc
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Are different substances equally soluble in water?

No, different substances are not equally soluble in water. Every solid compound we know of is more or less soluble in water. One good thing to help us measure the amount of wh (MORE)
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Why are substances soluble?

Substances are soluable if disolving the material will result in 1a decrease in free energy. Kinetics will determine how fact something disolves.For most things they are solua (MORE)

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